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What's in YOUR Wallet

While a friend was shopping last Saturday, she discovered she lost her wallet somewhere between Chico’s and Trader Joe’s. OMG! After retracing her steps, she didn’t find it and had to cancel and replace all the important information. Do you know what’s in your wallet?

Here are insider tips to organize your wallet and keep it that way.

Organizing your wallet

  • To clear the clutter, start by emptying the contents
  • Sort contents into categories (credit cards, insurance cards, ID, driver’s license, store cards, gift cards, membership cards and so on)
  • Decide what you need to have with you and eliminate the rest (unused cards, old receipts)
  • Designate (and keep) one place for paper bills and one for coins
  • Sort bills by denomination
  • Return contents according to your categories

Keeping it organized

  • Declutter your wallet weekly or monthly
  • When paying by cash and getting change back, take a moment to put dollars and coins where they belong — even when you’re in a hurry
  • After shopping, transfer receipts to a designated spot at home or work
  • Bring only those coupons you’ll need at the time or keep them all in your car, not your wallet

Pro Organizer tips

  • Photocopy all important documents (front and back) to simplify the notification process if you need to cancel and replace cards
  • Don’t carry your social security card with you – memorize the number instead
  • Include an ID card with your name, address and phone number, emergency contact name and phone number, medical info (meds, primary doctor, hospital, allergies, date of birth) in case of emergency
  • Use apps to digitize information (Apple Wallet, Google Pay Send, Key Ring)

Now that you know what’s in your wallet and it’s organized, it’s super easy to keep it that way!

If you want help to organize your wallet, handbag or anything else, contact Adriane at 215.540.9401 for a free consult. Visit for more information.


Adriane Weinberg

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