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Stressed Woman MultitaskerApril is Stress Awareness Month. Do we really need to select a month to make us aware that we’re stressed? Of course not. But calling attention to stress may prompt us to make some positive changes.

What is one cause of stress — guaranteed? Disorganization! Were you among the recent tax filers frantically searching for tax documents? Do you miss or run late for appointments? Do you have tasks that too often don’t get done? Or trouble finding what you need when you need it? Have you repurchased items because you forgot you have them? Disorganization is a well known time (and money) waster.

Some people think they don’t have enough time. In some cases, that’s true. But, generally speaking, most people don’t have effective time-management skills and unwittingly waste time.

It’s time to reclaim your life! Here are a half-dozen organizing tips to get you started on regaining control.

  1. In addition to appointments, noting tasks in your calendar — and scheduling time to do them — means they’ll get done.
  2. Creating homes for everything and returning things there immediately after use, instead of putting them “here for now,” makes things a cinch to find and a great stress-reliever.
  3. Processing mail, bills and paperwork on a regular basis keeps it all under control and avoids overwhelm.
  4. Periodically reviewing things you own and getting rid of what you no longer want, need or use maintains balance and avoids clutter from building…and building.
  5. Implementing simple systems makes life run more smoothly.
  6. Evaluating how you spend time and reprioritizing if you’re not accomplishing what you should makes you more productive.

I’ve shared tips like these before. But, sometimes, reminders can give us a kick in the butt to get started on healthier habits. Consider yourself kicked (gently)!

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Adriane Weinberg

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