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Is rotating seasonal clothes on your to-do list? The change of seasons is a perfect time to get rid of everything that is outdated, stained, doesn’t fit or you just don’t wear.

A trend called capsule wardrobe considerably decreases the amount of your clothing. Coined in the 1970s by Susie Faux, a London boutique owner, this type of wardrobe consists of just a few essential, classic clothes that don’t go out of style. Later, capsule wardrobe came to mean interchangeable, color-coordinated pieces to maximize outfit combinations and make it simple to dress for any occasion.

Considering Pareto’s 80/20 principle (meaning we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time in this context), it makes some sense.

There are benefits:

  1. No more closet clutter.
  2. Small closets are not an issue.
  3. Everything coordinates.
  4. To be current each season, add trendy pieces.
  5. For new ideas for old standbys, Google “Ways to wear (a denim jacket).”
  6. Wear things in new ways (e.g., scarf worn as a belt).
  7. If you feel too restrained, treat yourself to some new pieces.
  8. You may see patterns emerging: a new favorite color or dislike for a once-liked style.
  9. Where seasons differ dramatically, have a capsule wardrobe for each season.
  10. Getting dressed is quick and easy.

You may have a framework already in place. We tend to have many pieces in a few favorite colors. Eliminate superfluous and unwanted items, then go from there.

Smart questions to consider when decluttering obstacles arise:

  1. Needs repair or alteration: Is it worth spending more money on it?
  2. Unsure if you like it: Would I buy it today?
  3. Undecided about letting go: Would I (honestly) miss it?
  4. Sentimental attachment: How can I lose the item but keep the memory?

Capsule wardrobes aren’t for everybody: those who are fashion-forward, love a wide variety of colors and styles, and want choices based on their mood.

If you’re tired of stressing out about your clothes, consider a capsule wardrobe. Or have a capsule wardrobe just for casual clothes. Or use the basic concept and indulge your creative side with some unique pieces. Applying this concept also to footwear and accessories makes getting dressed even easier. Contact me if you’d like help.



Adriane Weinberg

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