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  • Happy announcementsHere are some happy announcements to share with you.
  • First

An Organized Approach is 2019 Best Organization Company, Montgomery County, PA for the 4th year in a row! My heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who supported me.

  • My website was hacked – back story (not the happy part)

Starting January of last year, my website was hacked – repeatedly. I hired a recommended web designer to recreate it.

The following May I was in Lisbon, Portugal. While discussing my organizing business with a fellow traveler, I opened my Mac to proudly show her my website. Instead, there was a big, red warning: Web Page Blocked! My site was blacklisted as a porn site! What??? I’m 3,500 miles away in Lisbon. My web guy wasn’t responding to my frantic emails. A porn site…really? OMG! Seeing my panic, another traveler connected me with her web developer who fixed the issue.

From then till now

Later, while talking to my new web developer (from the Lisbon saga), he mentioned my website looked outdated. I was fine with it until he said that. Sigh.

Now, a few months later, my website has been revamped and updated with a completely new look. Check it out: It’s been a long, expensive process and a labor of love, albeit sometimes more labor than love!

  • A girl’s gotta look good

A new website needs a new headshot, right? See it on the About page.

I’d love your feedback on my new website so let me know what you think.

With so much bad news in the world, I’m “happy” to share my happy announcements with you.

Adriane Weinberg

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